CASE BROKERS – You Can Do This!

Case Brokers help accident and injury victims receive a portion of their compensation in
days – not years. You can be their hero, be a part of the legal community, and receive payment
from a brokerage company for your help.

Begin Your Case Brokers Journey

Enroll in the Case Broker Licensing Course and be on your way to being paid when you help others qualify for much needed upfront money payments. The course doesn’t take long and it is easy to understand… you can do this!

There is No Selling with Case Brokers

You don’t sell to anyone. Your clients don’t pay you, a brokerage company does. You just tell your clients the great news about the payments that they can receive in days – not years. You can do this!

No Prior Experience Required

We provide your training and, upon successful completion of the Certified Case Brokers Course, we provide you with the technology and financial connections you need to help others and help yourself to a new and exciting career. You can do this!


Become a Certified Case Broker – It’s an easy way to start your own business, join in the legal community, and join the rewarding work of victim compensation. You help your clients change their lives for the better.

Get Set for Success

Just complete the Certified Case
Brokers Course and get going. We can even tell you where you can find clients that
already need your help.

Get Paid for Being the Hero

As a Case Broker, you will know how to
provide your clients with quick  compensation and, if they lose their case, they don’t have to pay the money back. The money is free for them to keep!

What are you waiting for?

Once you embark on your Certified Case
Brokers journey, you can run your business anywhere, anytime, on the go, part-time, full time. You’re the BOSS and it’s all up to you. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for and the time to enroll is now!

INCOME DISCLAIMER: Case Brokers does not guarantee that individuals completing the Case Broker Licensing Course will generate any income. As with any business, each individual’s business results may vary. Earnings depend on a number of factors, including the individual’s effort, business experience, diligence and leadership. Interested individuals considering purchasing the Case Broker Licensing Course are urged to do their own due diligence prior to making any decision to participate. Individuals that purchase the Case Broker Licensing Course only receive access to the course which includes information about obtaining advance payments for personal injury victims and a free one-year option of becoming a Licensed Case Broker.