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Learn Today

Case Broker Training Course

You’ve seen the endless lawyer ads promising huge sums of money to Injury Victims.
How would you like to have a part of that money NOW?
Purchase the Case Broker Training Course and begin learning how to make a great income from other people’s lawsuits (without being a lawyer)!
You will love being a Licensed Case Broker and because you arrived at this offer through this personal link it’s even easier…here’s how:

You’ve just saved $250 (over 1/3rd) off of the regular $735 cost for the course if you -


Still have Questions?

Who is the Case Broker Training Course for?

Bottom Line: It’s for you if you are tired of not being your own boss. That’s why you will want to become a Licensed Case Broker…and the only way to become a Licensed Case Broker is by learning the techniques taught in this exclusive course.

It’s for You, if you are tired of:

What are the Requirements for the Course?

How will it help me?

Becoming a Licensed Case Broker will offer you some pretty terrific financial rewards which are only limited by your willpower and proficiency. It’s really all up to YOU. After becoming a Licensed Case Broker, the amount of money that you will make and the amount of time you will spend is completely your call. You won’t have a boss (except you) and you won’t have office hours (except the ones you may want to set), but you will have total freedom to go as far as you can take you.

What are the benefits?

You really are your own boss – You will have the ultimate autonomy to control your time…no commute, no punching a clock…you set your own schedule.

You will be “In-the-Know” – You will know the basics about the United States legal process, how to determine a good case from a bad one, how to find clients, and then, just think, you’ll be the one in the know about other people’s problems and how to help them.

You are a Professional – If you choose to become a Licensed Case Broker with the company, you now have professional status in the legal advance process.

You will enjoy your work (and the work is easy) – You just talk to your client and then input their case information…that’s pretty much it. Work doesn’t get easier or more enjoyable than that.

You can work from anywhere in the world – Even though your clients are all suing in the United States, you can communicate with them from anywhere. And that’s what you will be doing – letting them tell you their injury story and then inputting their information.

You will have a secure opportunity – You don’t have to leave your current job to be a Licensed Case Broker. Just take the course, and, if you want to, be a “part-time” Licensed Case Broker (on your own time…you always set your own pace) and see what a rewarding opportunity it really is.

This is work that makes you smile – You will get a great deal of satisfaction telling your client how they can get some money rather quickly (and then it’s all up to someone else to do the work of figuring out how much money…then they advance that amount to your client…and pay you!) And that is why you will love being a Licensed Case Broker!

More money for you – You get paid for being a success and your income limit is open-ended…it really is all up to you.

When I buy the Course, what do I get for my money?

You get access to the Case Broker Training Course and the information it contains to start your own business of obtaining advance payments for personal injury victims.

You also receive the option (it’s really your choice) of becoming a Licensed Case Broker free for one year or going out on your own. Becoming a Licensed Case Broker is the easiest and smartest choice, but it’s completely your call.

What Will I Learn?

What could I possibly earn?

It’s all up to you, but according to just one of the advance companies that we work with, their average personal injury case advance is $4500 to the client. Using that amount as an example, if you submitted that case as a Licensed Case Broker and the advance payment to the client was approved, then you would receive 7½% which amounts to $337.50. And, if you submitted one of those example cases per week, then in a single month, you could make $1350…pretty good for just a couple hours of work.

And these are just average cases. Some of these advances can go as high as $100,000 (or more) and at 7½% that’s a single $7,500 payment to the Licensed Case Broker!

Just consider that in the United States there are over 6,000 injuries per day in car accidents. That’s a lot of potential clients that need a Licensed Case Broker’s help (and that’s not counting the other injuries that occur daily).

But once again, it’s all up to you to get started.

So the real question for you is: Why don’t I stop wasting my life, take control and sign-up for the Case Broker Training Course right now?

It all adds up to this: We all dream of being our own boss, but few of us really take that step of faith in ourselves. Let Case Brokers help you take that step.

Isn’t it time you controlled your own professional destiny?

Take control now!

And remember, You’ve already saved $250 (over 1/3rd) off of the regular $735 cost for the course if you -