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Case Broker Certification Course


  • Internet Connection
  • Computer or smartphone
  • Willingness to learn and succeed

Save $250 off of the regular $735 cost for the course when you Pre-Order


$735.00 $485.00

Who is the Case Broker Certification Course for?

It’s for You, if you are tired of:

  • Not having enough money in your pocket
  • Not being in control of your time
  • Being told what to do at work, and
  • Not being respected for the work you do

Bottom Line: It’s for you if you are tired of not being your own boss.  That’s why you will want to become a Certified Case Broker…and the only way to become a Certified Case Broker is by taking this exclusive course.

 How will it help me?

Becoming a Case Broker will offer you some pretty terrific rewards which are only limited by your willpower and proficiency.  It’s really all up to YOU. After becoming a Certified Case Broker the amount of money that you will make and the amount of time you will spend is completely your call.  You won’t have a boss (except you) and you won’t have office hours (except the ones you may want to set), but you will have total freedom to go as far as you can take you.

What are the benefits?

You really are your own boss – You will have the ultimate autonomy to control your time…no commute, no punching a clock…you set your own schedule.

You will be “In-the-Know” – You will know the basics about our legal system, how to determine a good case from a bad one, how to find clients, and then, just think, you’ll be the one in the know about other people’s problems and how to help them.

You are a Professional – When you use your title of Case Broker, you are telling everyone you of your professional status in the legal system.

You will enjoy your work (and the work is easy) – You just talk to your client and then input their case information…that’s pretty much it.  Work doesn’t get easier or more enjoyable than that.

You will have a secure opportunity – You don’t have to leave your current job to be a Case Broker.  Just take the course, and, if you want to, be a “part-time” Case Broker (on your own time…you always set your own pace) and see what a rewarding opportunity it really is.

This is work that makes you smile – You will get a great deal of satisfaction telling your client how they can get some money rather quickly (and then it’s all up to someone else to do the work of figuring out how much money…then they advance that amount to your client…and pay you!)

More money for you – You get paid for being a success and your income limit is open-ended…it really is all up to you.


What Will I Learn?

  • The role of a Case Broker
  • How lawyers pick good cases from bad
  • The basics of the legal system
  • How the client can get a money advance quickly
  • How you can make more money quickly
  • The easy way to find clients
  • The other advantages of being a Case Broker


What could I possibly earn?

According to just one of the advance companies that we work with, their average personal injury case advance is $4500 to the client.  As a Case Broker, you will receive 5% of any advance you bring to the company or $225.  If you submit just one accepted average case per week, then in a single month, you could make $900…pretty good for just a couple hours of work.

But, how about just one accepted average case per day for one month?  That’s an extra $6,750 in your pocket and this could still be just part-time work.

And this is just the average case.  Some of these advances can go as high as $100,000 (or more) and at 5% that’s a $5,000 payment to the Case Broker!

But once again, it’s all up to you.


So the real question is:  Why don’t I stop wasting my life, take control and sign-up for the Case Broker Certification Course right now?

It all adds up to this:  We all dream of being our own boss, but few of us really take that step of faith in ourselves.

Isn’t it time you controlled your own professional destiny?

Take control now!

Remember, You save $250 off of the regular $735 cost for the course when you Pre-Order!

$735.00 $485.00